The Gold Award

The most common question I hear is ‘How does one get a gold award?”

The answer is- well, not so easy to answer. Its a culmination of technical excellence, exquisite story telling, and impeccible imapact in however you choose to deliver your image to the judges. What was gold last year might not be gold this year….or next year. Gold’s are unique in such a way that they simply cannot be replicated. 

I once had a judge tell me, “You’ll know its a Gold because you’ll never forget that image. It will be seered in your brain forever.” And so far, that has rung true. 

Each year I’m always so excited to see our communities images come together in what I consider to be one of the highest quality birth photography galleries you’ll see in the world. They are creative, vulnerable and move me in ways I never thought possible. I’m a birth photographer myself…I’ve seen alot. But every year, I’m humbled by what our community creates. 

I just wanted to acknlowedge the parents and birth workers featured in the images and thank them for the generosity in sharing their vulnerabilties too. Everyone in that room in vulnerable. Thank you. 

Please take a moment to peruse our intimate gallery of Gold Awards. It is a small gallery every year, but for good reason. 


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Ebony Allen-Ankins

Threads of a Homebirth Transfer

Ebony Allen-Ankins

The Spectrum

sara avila


Katie Lacer

An Intimate Connection

Martha Kong

The Waiting Game

Madison Swann

Into Our Hands

Madison Swann


Natalie Broders

The Lovers After

Cindy Willems

Sister and Brother & Love at first sight

Emily Santi

When The Sun Rises in the Morning / When the long night turns to morning, there is a sense of dread, defeat. "Why isn't my baby here, yet?" She says. "They are on their way," the team responds. But, we don't really know when. There is no way to really reassure her that her labor is almost over. All we can do is hold that space of desperation, with love.

Kathleen Van Vaerenbergh

Cosmic birth

Beth Lindsay

Ring of fire

Mikaela Rossi

Patiently guiding

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