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Ebony Allen-AnkinsSuper Human
Ebony Allen-AnkinsPure Adoration
Ebony Allen-AnkinsHeld: A mother reaches for her partner moments after birthing their baby, held as she was in the womb.
Ebony Allen-AnkinsThreads of a Homebirth Transfer
Ebony Allen-AnkinsThe Spectrum
Jelina SonnenbergI Present to You, THE MUTHA FUCKIN PLACENTA
Jelina SonnenbergCan You Smell This Photo?
Jelina SonnenbergThe Veiled First Touch
Jelina SonnenbergThe Patient Hands of Time
Jelina SonnenbergWhen Sutures Work Overtime
Kirby HoodWatching another generation to be born
Kirby HoodA moment of reflection
Kirby HoodWhen the first minute is the longest minute
Kirby HoodThe beginning of 1000 stories of togetherness
Kirby HoodI was only gone a minute guys!
Colleen MurthaThe First Drops of Gold // Moments after birth her baby, instinctively moved their way towards the enticing scent of their mother's golden colostrum, a journey of love and nourishment that transcends words.
Colleen MurthaShe Wears Her Blood With Pride
Colleen MurthaThe First Home
Colleen MurthaThe Final Push For The Summit // As Mom was informed she had just 15 minutes left to push before a possible hospital transfer, her determination knew no bounds. Her precious miracle baby was ROP, and she was pouring every ounce of strength into bringing her child into the world. In these crucial moments, it was as if she was scaling the highest summit, giving her all for her baby's arrival.
Colleen MurthaJust Hold Me // Mom and Dad found solace in each other's embrace. It seemed like the world outside ceased to exist. With every contraction, their bond grew stronger as she whispered, 'Just Hold Me' over and over.
sara avilaSOFT TOUCH
sara avilaPOWERFULL
sara avilaCALM
sara avilathe pause
Katie LacerTranscendent.
NameImage Title / DescriptionImage
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